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  • Admission to the play area is good for all day play.  Keep your wristbands on and you can come back later in the day for no charge.
  • Adults (age 16+) with a child: Free.
  • Adults and carried infants are free.
  • PASSES are good for open play on weekdays or weekends but do not include certain special events as noted on our website calendar of events.
  • Our Play Area is built for children 12 years and younger who are no taller than 4’10”.  Youth exceeding our height limit or teens age 13 through 15 cannot engage in active play. We recommend they remain in the Cafe Area but they are permitted to sit with their family in the Play Area if so desired.  Young teens who are present to assist an adult in the caregiving of a younger child should be identified to our staff at check-in.
  • Older youth in the cafe are welcome to:
    • enjoy the board games, cards, puzzles, art set, and other items located on bookshelves by the cafe stage.
    • sit at the “bar” along the windows into the play area if line of sight is needed or desired with their party.
    • bring a friend and enjoy hanging out at the cafe.
    • grab some complimentary infused water and relax in the cozy cafe booths reading, studying, or watching the latest YouTube viral video.
    • participate in party room activities if here for a friend or family members party.

    Though we love all children and youth, safety is our priority, especially for the most vulnerable. There are no exceptions to this policy. Thank you for doing what is best for our facility, especially our youngest guests.

Cafe O’Play Pricing  


  • Weekdays:
    • Ages 2 to 12 years: $10
    • Crawlers to 23 months: $7
  • Saturdays:
    • Ages 2 to 12 years: $12
    • Crawlers to 23 months: $7
  • Happy Hour! : $6.50 (Per child admission, last 2 hours we are open)
  • Multi-Play Passes
    • 5 Play Pass: $37 ($7.40 per admission)
    • 10 Play Pass: $79 ($7.18 per admission since the 10-Play includes one extra bonus play for 11 total)PURCHASE NOWPLAY-AREAS-cafe-o-play-800x534


Please request these discounts at the time of admission.

  • $1 for grandparents with grandkids
  • $1 for teachers and members of our safety forces (military/police/fire/guard). Please show your ID.
  • $1 for Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts in uniform or with ID
  • $1 for small groups (8 or more children coming together).
  • $2 for large groups (20 or more children coming together).

Monthly Passes

Valid one month from the date of purchase.

  • 1 child families: $45
  • 2 children families: $80
  • 3 or more children families: $110

Fall Seasonal Pass

Valid for unlimited admission through the months of September, October, & November.

  • $80 for 1 child families
  • $150 for 2 child families and
  • $220 for 3 or more child families

* Important information regarding all PASSES:

  • Passes can be used for either weekday or weekend admissions.
  • Passes do not guarantee admission at all times.
    • Passes WILL NOT be honored at certain special events & classes.  These are typically events & classes where we incur extra expense related to hiring outside characters/vendors, providing special food, adding extra entertainment or decorations and/or needing to provide extra supplies or staffing.  We typically hold 1 or 2 of these types of special events or classes each month.  Any events that we sell tickets for are NON-PASS events.
    • On very busy days, attendance at Cafe O’Play may exceed our capacity of 200 people.  If this occurs, for the health and safety of all, staff will not allow any new customers to enter until attendance drops to 150 people.
  • 5-Play and 10-Play Passes may be used with multiple children at one time and may be shared with friends and family members or given as gifts.  5-Play and 10-Play Passes should be treated like cash as they cannot be refunded or replaced if lost.
  • Monthly, Annual, and Seasonal Passes follow the children they were purchased for.  This means that other caregivers than the parents (such as sitters, nanny’s or grandparents) may bring in the pass when accompanying the children the pass was purchased for.  Please present a picture ID when using one of these passes.  If lost or stolen, Monthly, Annual, or Seasonal Passes can be replaced.
  • When purchasing a Monthly, Annual, or Seasonal pass in the cafe, you will be asked for the children’s names and birthdates that the pass is intended for.  If purchasing one of these passes online you will receive a followup email or call to get this information.  Only those children the pass was bought for can be brought in under that pass. These passes cannot be shared with other families or relatives.  Anyone caught violating this policy will lose the use of their pass and no refund will be given.
  • Any child or adult who violates the rules of Cafe O’Play to extent that they are asked to leave and they came in under a pass, will not receive any refund.



“Why does he even need alone time?” my 2nd boy said.

I had just told my son his younger brother was going to stay home from the outing because...he just needed time to himself. And that was ok.

You see, we added my 12 year old nephew from Oregon to our ranks for the past week.

It’s has been great overall! It turns out he loves dogs and even has some experience with training puppies. (WIN! We have a 9 month old puppy).

He also loves the same card game my boys all play. (Double WIN!)

The only challenge is that this addition of all-cousin-all-the-time can be my delicate for my 12 year who is craves alone-playtime.

We’ve navigated these waters before, and when the two boys were younger, there were rough moments for my 3rd boy.

So when said introvert opted to stay home from the outing yesterday, I recognized what he really was saying was that he needed alone time.

But it cracked me up that my 2nd born, ever-the-extrovert, asked this question.

“Why does he even need alone time?”

Every child has a different, unique personality, with a unique set of needs and interests.

As parents, we do well to recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to our kids. Though we might instill a common culture and values in our family, how we apply those per child varies. As a parent of multiple children, I’ve definitely learned each child is completely unique personality and is motivated by different goals.

When the boys were really young and needed to pick up toys, I would attempt the “I can pick up more toys than you”-playful challenge. My oldest never fell for it. The other two would predictably turn their frown to a grin and help me pick up because they couldn’t resist a competition.

It’s really important for us parents to respect these differences and provide our children the paths that best suit their personality. We should be willing to investigate and be students of our kids, wondering what makes them tick.

By way of example, at Cafe O’Play we recognize that all kids need physical activity, but some prefer it in the form of dance rather than dodgeball. To appeal to a large range of interests, we compliment this active environment with fine-motor play (like crafts and cooking class) or critical thinking (like in Mad Science class and Camp which begins July 31 (

From the time my oldest boy was able to talk, he was more interested in telling stories than sports. He put on spontaneous “shows” for us at home, recruiting his brothers to be his actors. Consequently, we’ve made the trek for him to be in Performing Art schools these last few years even though that isn’t always easy on us transportation-wise. (He would have loved our up-coming theatre camps in his younger years (

Part of the adventure in parenting is allowing our children to be who they are and follow their interests and skills. Part of work we have in front of us is to help educate siblings who don’t really understand that personality.

When all of us returned later in the day from our outing, boy #3 was much more willing to engage in play. He and the rest of the guys sat and played cards for a good hour and a half.

And it wasn’t bad that big brother had to learn that little bro was wired differently and needed the balance of alone time.

As an extrovert, that’s hard for him to fathom.

See, years ago, his older brother mentioned he liked being alone as well. What did my extrovert say?

“Yeah, and I like to be alone WITH you!”

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It's so hot out ☀️ Our little snowman has started to melt ☃️

Thankfully it'll be nice and cool inside Cafe O'play tomorrow for our Christmas in July celebration. 6:00pm-8:00pm

Snowball fight • candle making • cookie decorating • Jingles the elf • Christmas music and movies 🎅🎄❄️🎁

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