IMG_4325Cafe O’ Play is Northeast Ohio’s premier indoor play cafe created to offer families healthy food options and physically-active play in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment.

We seek to develop community through a relaxed setting that also offers birthday parties, live music, and a variety of special events for both adults and children.

Cafe O’Play is for children and their parents/caregivers who desire an imaginative, challenging, and fun indoor environment in which to exercise, play, and explore.  There are two main areas to Cafe O’Play: the coffeehouse/cafe area, through which everyone enters, and the large indoor playground.  The play area is separated from the cafe by a waist high wall with large windows, giving complete line of sight into the play area from the cafe area.  For safety, children must be accompanied by an adult in our facility in order to be admitted to the play area. Adults are not permitted to enter the play area without the wristband that indicates they have come with their child.  Children will not be permitted unaccompanied entry, nor will “drop-offs” be permitted, except for pre-arranged parties.  Furthermore, each person admitted to the play area will receive a color-coded wristband identifying him/her with rest of their party. Trained staff will supervise the play areas at all times to ensure adherence to the play café rules while assisting the children to maximize their enjoyment of the facilities.DSC_3773

Our play area, approximately 5000 square feet in size, includes a toddler-specific play area for children up to 48 months comprised of cushions, ramps, toys, and a small climbing structure.  Our larger climbing structure for older children  consists of a series of colorful tubes, slides, obstacle courses, ramps, and stairs.

A unique feature to the attraction mix of Cafe O’Play will be in the inclusion of an EyePlay interactive floor.  This unique play system is developed by Eye Click industries and features an almost unlimited amount of games projected onto an 8’x12’ white floor.  Games can be changed in difficulty level based upon age group.

DSC_3761Next to the EyePlay Floor, is our screened in Sports Court.  Besides sports like basketball and soccer,  this court can also include an assortment of group games led by our Play Monitors at busy times in our center. Included in our sports court is Gaga Ball; a kinder/gentler form of dodge ball that is very popular at children’s summer camps.

Lastly, the play area includes two private party rooms near the play structure that will offer private space to birthday guests and other corporate events. Hosted by trained Party Heroes, our parties significantly reduce the hassle and mess for parents because we take care of all the details. The design of the rooms – adjacent rooms with a portable wall partition –  allow for groups as large as 36 people at a time,  Cafe O’Play offers several birthday packages for parties.

DSC_3817A third room, next to the party rooms, is our Dance Room and a great place for fun all by itself.