IMG_4329Here, you’ll find Frequently Asked Questions that our team have identified to help our parents and patrons of Cafe O’Play.

I reserved an Open Play Session but my child woke up sick, can I reschedule?
Yes! Just give us a call at (330) 928-7517 and our manager on duty can change your reserved session to another date.

How do I use a Groupon to book an Open Play session ahead of time?
At our online store, choose the “Pass Holder” product.  This will allow you to book your session at no cost.  When you come to Cafe O’Play and checkin, please have your Groupon voucher number available either in printed form or on the Groupon app.  

Do I need to fill out a waiver?
Yes.  You have three options to filling out the waiver.  You can do that ahead of time by clicking here.  Also, when arriving at Cafe O’Play you’ll notice a sign outside with a QR code that you can scan and fill out your waiver on your smart device.  Lastly, after you walk through the doors you’ll see two waiver kiosks to your left and you can fill out the waiver on one of those.  Be sure to add your children to your waiver and any other adults that might come with you (such as spouse, grandparents, other caregivers or nannies.)

I’ve already filled out the waiver, how do I add my kids or other adults?
You can do that by clicking here and opening up our online waiver. Then follow these steps:

  1. Check the three boxes and enter your email address that is associated with the waiver you have already signed. Click outside that email box and the system will ask you if you want to Use an Existing Account? Click Load Account.
  2. At the Guest Selection window, click on your name and click on “Proceed to Waiver.”
  3. Your contact information will autoload and you will see your name in a gray bar at the bottom indicating your signed waiver. Click the small down arrow to the left of your name.
  4. Sign your name in the signature pad and then click Add Guest.
  5. Click the small down arrow next to Add Child or Adult and enter their information. Keep repeating this for all children. Also do this for adults in your family such as spouses, grandparents, or other caregivers even if they won’t be coming with you at this time. Having this info attached to your waiver will speed up their registration next time they come.

Do I need to wear socks?
Yes!  All children must have socks on when playing in the play area. Adults who will be accompanying children in the play area must wear socks as well.  If adults will just be seated in the play area near the doors, they do not need to remove their shoes.

What happened to “HAPPY HOUR”?
With the change to session scheduling we are no longer able to offer a discount for the last two hours like we had done in the past.

What are your age requirements?
We are built for children age 10 and under.  Children older than 10 are not permitted to actively play in the play area, even while accompanying younger siblings.

What?  My older child can’t play?
Children older than 10 will not be charged Play Area admission and are able to sit or stand with a caregiver in the Cafe or in the seating area of the Play Area, but must not engage in active play in any of the play sections: Toddler Area, Sports Court, Play Structure, Gaga Ball, or Dance Room. (Please understand we love children of all ages, but based on experience, this is the best way for us to protect the youngest and most vulnerable of our guests). We will give these older children a VIP wristband, which means we think they are brilliant, fascinating, and very important people, but they are not allowed to run around and play.

Do you have a Tween or Teen too old to play, but you’d like their help with a child age 3 and under? You may request a “Caregiver” wristband for the big kid to shadow a younger one, however, they must agree to absolutely no running, ball-throwing, or rough play. Their focus must truly be on assisting the younger child and not being physically active themselves. Breaking that code of honor will require a sitting status in the Play Area or Cafe.

Where do we check in?
All guests are asked to check-in at the cafe counter each time they visit.  We do not allow access to the play area for anyone who has not checked in.  If you have family members or other guests who will be arriving after you and your child have checked in and entered the play area, please ask those later arriving guests to check in at the cafe counter to receive a wristband.  Later arriving adults will be escorted by a staff member into the play area where we will confirm that these guests are expected by those who arrived earlier.

Can I bring in my own food?
Generally, no.  We are a restaurant as well as an indoor playground.  We allow parents with infants to bring in baby bottles, sippy cups, and baby food. We don’t allow outside food for parents and the older children for several reasons.  (A) There are legal and health code issues that put us at risk of being fined or having our food service license revoked. (B) Food and beverage sales are an important revenue stream for our business. (C) Aesthetically, things could become unmanageable pretty quickly.  We will gladly make exceptions to this for medical or religious reasons.  Please inform our staff at check-in that you have brought food with you for those reasons and we will accommodate you.

Can we drop in and have our own birthday party without scheduling one of yours?
No, we provide professional party services as part of our core business offering and are proud of our awesome birthday party results.  No group large or small is allowed to bring a birthday cake, cupcakes, presents or party decorations into Cafe O’Play, unless approved by management or scheduled for a Cafe O’Play party.  Simple celebrations, such as singing “Happy Birthday” and presenting a child with a cupcake or treat bought at Cafe O’Play, are perfectly fine.  In fact, if a child comes to Cafe O’Play on their birthday please let our staff know at check-in.  The birthday child will receive a special sticker and a free mini-cupcake!

Can I drop off my child?
No.  During our Open Play hours parents are responsible for staying in Cafe O’Play while their child is present.  Periodically we will be hosting special events where it will be possible to drop off your child for a short period of time.  These include Parent Night Out, summer camps, and other events.  These will be posted in our special events calendar.

Is Cafe O’Play accessible for children and parents with disabilities?
Cafe O’Play is located on a single floor with no steps or barriers to movement. The large climbing structure is multilevel and has a specific entry point for children with a disability.  Our play structure has been designed with a four-foot square grid system of various activities that is accessible for children and adults. Some children may need assistance in navigating through the structure. The equipment is designed so that an adult caregiver could accompany a child through the structure. The toddler area, eye play and sports court are all fully accessible.

How safe is Cafe O’Play?
The play structure at Cafe O’Play has been designed with not only maximum “playability” for children but also maximum safety. This structure was manufactured by Orca Coast Playgrounds, an international leader in the indoor playground industry. For details on the design and safety features built into our playground, click here.  Other safety features of Cafe O’Play include a wristband identification system to enter the play space at Cafe O’Play.  Adults and children without wristbands are not allowed entry.  Video surveillance is taken throughout Cafe O’Play.

Also, owner John Green has been a member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions since 2012.  We abide by all of IAAPA’s requirements for operating a safe, clean, and healthy amusement facility.

Why aren’t there outlet covers on your electrical outlets in the play area?
Because they aren’t needed!  They may look like normal outlets but they are really child safe outlets that have an internal plastic guard that protects any little fingers from getting a shock.  It takes a force that only an adult can deliver to push past that internal safety shield and plug something in.  We felt this was a better option than the traditional plastic outlet covers.  So it might look like the outlets are unprotected in the play area but they are very safe.

How clean is Cafe O’Play?
Besides safety of our guests, providing a clean environment is a primary goal.  Each night after we close, our staff cleans and sanitizes every surface in our play area and cafe.  We use a multi-quat sanitizer on our toys and hard surfaces and Simply Green sanitizer throughout the play structure.  Mid-day our staff also sanitize all frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs and handholds.  Staff follow a daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning /upkeep schedule throughout our facility. Cafe O’Play upholds the highest standards in cleanliness to assure our patrons a safe and enjoyable experience. To this end, we appreciate awareness of an area that might need sprucing up after a busy period. We are also periodically inspected by the Summit County Public Health Department.  A copy of our latest inspection report can be found at the SCPH website. 

Is this a franchise?
Nope.  This is a small business owned and actively operated by John & Carolyn Green and their four kids.  For over two years the Greens visited play cafes around the country, attended amusement and entertainment trade shows and workshops, and brought the best of what they have seen and learned into the design of Cafe O’Play.

What kind of music is played in the dance party room?
Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 4.29.58 PMThis carpeted room is one of the favorite features of Cafe O’Play.  Kids get to dance under a variety of lights to fun, family-friendly dance music.  We typically stream music from KidJam! Radio.  This is a streaming internet station sponsored by 91.5 The Summit Radio out of Akron OH.  KidJam! Radio is a new and exciting commercial-free listening experience that kids and parents can enjoy together.  The sound is fresh and fun, featuring hit tunes spanning five decades.  The primary mission is to empower and entertain children while enhancing self-motivation, good nutrition, and creating high self-esteem.  KidJam! achieves this through peer-to-peer communication which introduces a variety of appropriate music styles and, between songs, offers messages designed as motivators for kids to be their best.