I did it.

Well, almost.

It’s only taken me 4 days but I finally have one comprehensive school supplies shopping list for my four children.

Yes, it’s that special time again. The time that all mothers and fathers look forward to with anticipation and joy.

What can compare with bumper to bumper grocery carts in the school supply aisle OR the sense of eager competition to get that random item before it’s sold out OR that enthusiasm you feel when your child surprises you with the desperate plea for a new backpack because last year’s has holes? (It’s a conspiracy by backpack-makers, I swear!) OR, best of all, the overwhelming pleasure of seeing that final number come up on the register?

If you are done with school supply shopping, congrats! If you still have it to do, hang in there! And if you don’t have school kids yet, take heart, all of this excitement will someday be yours.

Although Friday August 4th through Sunday August 6th are Tax Free for School Supply shopping, that perk will just come with more crowds.

No matter if you are celebrating the completed accomplishment or nursing a rough-go with school supply shopping, we at Cafe O’Play hope to give parents a little consolation this weekend.

On Friday, August 4th, we will celebrate National Parents Day by giving every parent a Free Coffee Token (or Tea) to use at Cafe O’Play any time you come. AND you can enter a raffle for a free dinner and night’s stay at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls! (Winner pulled at 7:45pm.) AND if you are a member of our Loyalty Club you’ll receive a DOUBLE CHECK-IN this day only.

This is in addition, of course to the fun your kids can have at Crafts at 11am and our SuperHero-themed Glow Dance Time at 5pm (wear a costume but no masks, please).

Saturday, August 5th will provide an opportunity for kids to make specialty crafts available for purchase during “Maker’s Club” from 10am-2pm, with Leila Griffiths. And we will also keep everyone busy with staff hosting games in the Sports Court each hour for Game Day.

But no matter if you take advantage of these or not, know that the end is near. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We can do this!!

My School Supplies List sits here on my desk at-the-ready. Every conceivable item for 4 children, grades 4 through 10 is sorted, crossed-off and delineated into only ONE list of what we absolutely MUST buy.

I am ready for war.

And I could use a cup of coffee.