Remember the box of newborn diapers with a pink ribbon?

I can’t wait to tell you what happened to them.

But first, consider that question, “What can we do?”

Sometimes we say that question in situations where we are overwhelmed and feel we can’t win.

In light of the onslaught of devastating hurricanes tearing up the Atlantic, fires in the West and earthquakes south of the border, it would be tempting to say that phrase in a defeatist tone.

So much devastation in so many areas affecting so many people!

But sometimes when we say “What can we do?” we are really asking a specific question of a specific person and intending to do something about the answer.

And that makes all of the difference.

Lately, I’ve noticed it’s not only grown-ups that are responding to the immense needs in our country and globe.

I’ve seen articles in the paper where a school has raised over a thousand dollars of money for hurricane relief.

I’ve seen a Cafe O’Play customer’s 4 year old son start a lemonade stand of his own initiative and raise $45 dollars to help hurricane disaster relief.

The question of “what can we do?” can involved all of us. What a wonderful way to teach our children they don’t have to feel helpless, but they can contribute to bettering the world.

As with sending diapers to the Texas Diaper Bank (see our diaper drive at Cafe O’Play) or partnering with a some people or charitable organization in the location of the affected areas, our most effective responses are something specific!

My husband just returned last night from 6 days in Texas with 13 others from our church. They  went to assist a Knights of Columbus council offering help to their community of Dickinson. Being able to confer with the leader of this group and give the congregation money, supplies and labor during this trip was an experience that impacted all involved. (Follow the story at

What would it be like if every American family sat down together and said, “What can we do?” and really meant it. What. Can. WE. Do?

I started this conversation with some of my boys at dinner tonight.

In the light of so much need, it’s easy to be distracted by the immensity of it all. But what if our families just picked one town, or one person, or one organization, and focused on doing whatever small thing we knew we could do to help?

Every little bit helps and is sorely needed.

Even a box of diapers.

Last week I told you about my neighbors who lost their unborn baby girl at 33 weeks due a cord anomaly. Their heartbreak is tremendous.

But last week, when I went over to their house for a short visit, they were sure to ask me, “Carolyn, can you take a box of diapers, you know, for Texas?” (To be honest, I was so focused on what they were dealing with I forgot they were referring to Cafe O’Play’s diaper drive!)

So, with my memory jogged I did take the brown box with pink ribbon of newborn diapers. When I put it on the van headed for Texas the next morning, I told my husband, “Make sure you know where those diapers go.”

When I texted him in Texas to ask about the box, he said it went with the wife of his contact there who knew someone who needed them. That was all I knew.

Until tonight.

Tonight I learned that our contact’s wife in Texas volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center in a nearby town and knew someone there who had decided not to have an abortion and was expecting her baby very soon. She really didn’t have much to give this soon-arriving baby.

Isn’t it amazing what happens when you give in faith?

We might not know how our gifts or service will impact another life.

But we can trust that when we ask “What can we do?” and decide on a specific answer and do our best, it will be worth it.